Volunteering with FOREVERLY

FOREVERLY is an organization promoting its work through volunteers, from all around Israel and who believe in its vision.
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Escort and support

Position: Representatives of an information center. Components of the job: Telephone response to families and relatives, including the provision of information, the intention to receive various services from service providers as required. Requirements: Service, ability to contain and empathy, order and organization.


Job title: Anyone who has technology in his blood. Components of the position: Development of advanced technological solutions for the creation of a digital heritage and the preservation of memory. Requirements: Knowledge / Experience / Education in the field.

Services: Ceremonies, Videos

Job description: (1) Photography and editing (2) Participation in ceremonies and memorial events. Role components: participation in memorial ceremonies as present or as part of the minyan, transportation of disabled people. Photographers and editors of video clips to document life stories. Requirements: Emotional connection to subject, mobility, presentation, sensitivity and empathy, professional knowledge (* photographers and editors).

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