The foundation’s activities

FOREVERLY’s goal is to be a one-stop shop for any person seeking solutions for dealing with end of life and all its aspects – both physical and spiritual. Our services are available to those who have lost a loved one or those facing the end of their own life.
We believe that every person is significant and therefore is worthy of having his story told for eternity.
This is why this year we have chosen to conduct a number of activities. The more successful we are with fundraising, the more we can expand our work and promote additional activities.
Our activities will be expanded and updated from time to time according to our ability to meet our fundraising goals.

We videotape final conversations with terminally ill patients in hospices, edit them into moving videos and present them to the family as a memento from their loved one.

We offer holocaust survivors the option of transportation to the memorial services of their loved ones, thus providing them with the privilege of being personally present to honor the memory of their loved ones.

We adopt untended graves at various cemeteries, clean and fix them up, and if necessary we refurbish them, so they return to a proper and respectable state.

The activities will be expanded and updated from time to time in accordance with our compliance with the fundraising goals.