Special paid services

Are you far away from your loved one’s gravesite but it is important to you that a personal memorial service be held?
Living outside of Israel and your loved one is buried here?
Want to hold a unique, moving and distinguished service?
You can order our special services, tailored to your needs.

The FOREVERLY memorial packages


One visit a year to your loved one’s gravesite. During this visit we will clean the gravestone and its surrounding area and light a candle. When the visit is over, the grave area will be photographed, and the pictures will be sent to you.


Two memorial dates a year. one – a visit to the gravesite, and another date for a personal memorial service at the gravesite. During the service, which will be videotaped, a personal reading segment written by you / a prayer will be read. Before the visit / service we will perform a clean up of the gravesite area to make sure it is clean and respectable. 


Two memorial dates a year. One visit to the gravesite and another date for a personal memorial service at the gravesite. The ceremony will be held in the presence of a religious authority who will conduct a memorial service according to Jewish tradition, including kaddish and a minyan; alternatively, you may request the presence of a different spiritual or intellectual figure who will speak on your behalf and conduct a service tailored to your requests. The service will be videotaped. Before the visit / service a cleanup of the gravesite area will be performed in order to make sure it is clean and respectable. 

Kadish in the synegogue

Is it important to you that Kaddish be recited for your loved one during the first year?

Writing a eulogy

Interested in assistance with writing a eulogy for the service?

QR on the gravestone

A code imprinted on the gravestone of your loved one to get into the memorial page dedicated to him or her

Flowers / cacti

You can order flowers or a cactus to be placed on the gravestone.