As long as a person remains in the hearts of those who love him, he continues to spread his unique light
Every person has a life story, and his story is meaningful
A memory can bring on a smile, lift the spirit and light the way

About us

The FOREVERLY foundations operates in Israel and the world to commemorate and create a personal legacy for deceased individuals, as we believe every person is significant and is worthy of being remembered.
The foundation’s vision is to provide respectful, fitting and sensitive commemoration solutions, for every person regardless of his or her status and financial abilities; to lead the field of commemoration and memorialization with sensitivity, while incorporating innovation and creativity.

FOREVERLY for the community

Thanks to our donors, the Friends of FOREVERLY and our dear volunteers who view their partnership in FOREVERLY as a mission, we hold and promote various activities. Join the FOREVERLY family and take part in this important and moving work. To name a few of our activities:
  1. FOREVERLY – Adopt a grave

    We adopt untended graves at various cemeteries, clean and fix them up, and if necessary we refurbish them, so they return to a proper and respectable state.
    ₪0.00 donated
  2. FOREVERLY for holocaust survivors

    We offer holocaust survivors the option of transportation to the memorial services of their loved ones, thus providing them with the privilege of being personally present to honor the memory of their loved ones.
    ₪177.00 donated
  3. Remembering

    We videotape final conversations with terminally ill patients, edit them into moving videos and present them to the family as a memento from their loved one.
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Join Us

Are you searching for meaningful volunteer work? Want to give back to the community? join the FOREVERLY volunteer team and a path of valuable work.


FOREVERLY provides extensive, sensitive and respectful services to the families of departed individuals, who due to distance or physical limitations cannot hold personal memorial events for their loved ones buried in Israel; these may be families living abroad, relatives who have physical disabilities or difficulties attending memorial services or any person who is interested. FOREVERLY offers additional services, such as the writing of a eulogy for your loved one’s memorial event, reciting Kaddish every day during the first year of bereavement and more. Every service we provide is accompanied by a moving testament from the memorial event, photos or videos.

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