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FOREVERLY organization operates in Israel and worldwide in commemoration and creating personal heritage of every person, believing that everyone has meaning and deserves to be remembered.

The organization’s vision is to provide worthy, respectful and sensitive commemoration solutions for anyone interested in perpetuating their loved ones, regardless of their status and economic abilities, and to lead the field of commemoration and memory, while combining innovation, creativity and connection to the Jewish tradition, in which historical memory is a central theme.

We see in the national memorial days and commemorative activities, an opportunity to connect Diaspora Jews to the Land of Israel and conduct a variety of activities aimed at deepening the connection between Diaspora Jews and the Jewish traditions, memories, and history.

We offer a wide range of commemoration and memorial services, some of which are free of charge, as part of a broad public activity that is made possible through donations:

  • Take part in national memorial days and organize in-house memorial meetings and ceremonies to commemorate those who perished in the Holocaust.
  • Visit the graves of lone soldiers at the request of their relatives abroad.
  • Transport Holocaust survivors with mobility challenges to the ceremonies of their loved ones.
  • Preserve family heritage by locating abandoned graves, contacting the family and cultivating the burial plot.
  • Video last sessions with terminally ill patients.
  • Operate a comprehensive and professional information and guidance center for anyone who has encountered a question regarding the end of life, from relevant professionals referrals to providing answers regarding religious laws, etc.
  • Hold memorial ceremonies for the loved ones of foreign residents who are buried in Israel and wish to preserve their memory without them being in Israel.
  • Operate the first public Israeli digital commemoration platform of its kind, in which each person can commemorate his loved one on a dedicated page and share their life story, pictures, burial place, and more.
  • And more…

We need your support to carry out these commemoration activities. With your contribution, you will be part of making the heritage of every person documented be meaningful as a source of strength and inspiration for future generations.


    Take part in setting up a unique digital commemorative platform, as we believer every person has meaning and is worth remembering - forever.
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    FOREVERLY Operates a comprehensive and professional guidance center for anyone who encounters a life-ending question, needing support or referral to professionals.
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  3. FOREVERLY – Adopt a grave

    We adopt untended graves at various cemeteries, clean and fix them up, and if necessary we refurbish them, so they return to a proper and respectable state.
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  4. FOREVERLY for holocaust survivors

    We offer holocaust survivors the option of transportation to the memorial services of their loved ones, thus providing them with the privilege of being personally present to honor the memory of their loved ones.
    ₪177.00 donated
  5. Remembering

    We videotape final conversations with terminally ill patients, edit them into moving videos and present them to the family as a memento from their loved one.
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