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Who we are

The FOREVERLY foundation operates in Israel and the world to commemorate and create the personal legacy of individuals, because we believe that every person is meaningful and deserves to be remembered.
The foundation provides various kinds of services: from physical services to digital memorial solutions. Our services include, among other things: holding personal memorial services, gravestone renewal, assisting elderly or disabled people with transportation to the memorial services of their loved ones, a memorial system which is available and accessible on the website, a reminder system for the memorial dates, an information and assistance call center and more.
The foundation was established in order to provide extensive and diverse services, tailored to the needs of each person, in the field of commemoration and remembrance.
FOREVERLY was established following a personal experience by Michal Balkin, the organization’s founder, during which she lost her aunt Abigail Korach Z”L. This event caused her to realize that this field is in need of extensive professional solutions that will enable every person to find his or her path to memorialize and keep the memory of a loved one.
The FOREVERLY foundation is registered as a nonprofit organization in Israel.

Our team

David Korach

Shneur Gluchovsky

Dorit Sher

Sharon Fonaro

Meirav Lavie

Israel Crispin

Michal Belkin

A few words about Michal Belkin

Foundation CEO and Founder

Foundation CEO and Founder

Michal Belkin is married and the mother of three. In her last few roles she served as a VP in leading technological companies in Israel. She completed her military service at the rank of major in the Israeli air force, after holding several field and HQ positions. She founded FOREVERLY out of a desire to reinvent the perspective on the end of life, alongside her own experience of loss, and out of the belief that every person has a great significance during his life and therefore it is worthy task to create his or her legacy after death.